European Hospitality Report Espagne 2019

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European Hospitality Report Espagne 2019

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How to invest well in Europe? Buy existing hotels? Reposition them? Just own and enjoy the growth in earnings? Build? Convert? Choose a new operator? Or already begin thinking about profits on the horizon?

This report, which we have published for 25 years, is already a reference and "toolbox" for many investors, groups and suppliers informed observers in the sector.

It can be for you, too, with:

• KPIs for the 2018 financial year (TO/PM/RevPAR); 2018/2017 and dynamics since 2013
• The supply by range and its evolutions
• Rankings of the main operators, nationally and in urban centres
• KPIS 2017 & 2018 in the main metropolises
• MKG Consulting's analysis of market contexts & trends