Born in 2011, the Hospitality-ON® magazine and website are both taking part in the direct extension of HTR (Hotel, Tourism & Restaurant), which was created in 1994, in the Hôtel Restau Habo newspaper created in 2000, and their respective sites. Powered by the work of a bilingual editorial teamHospitality-ON is available in French and English to find the news and to analyze all facets (aspects) of the French, European and global hospitality industry.


Hospitality-ON® benefits and offers previews of studies and trend analyses performed by MKG's Hospitality team,1st European office and hotel marketing services.

Hospitality-ON® is the only multi-media materials that can offer both, a comprehensive overview and live time of the international hotel news, and a series of documents to understand the challenges associated with a global industry. The different topics reflect the news and the outlook for hotel development, investment and trading, commercial distribution, brand marketing, human resources and innovation.


Free registration to the site provides access to news articles, audiovisual interviews, press release trends, information on products and techniques developed by suppliers...

Only paid subscription provides access to market research, cyclical and detailed sectorial analysis, special investigations, performance statistics and editorial archives from the past decade (past ten years).


Hospitality-ON®, in association with MKG Hospitalityexclusively publishes the main documents of the international hotel industry:

The European report on Hotel activities, with detailed analysis of hotel facilities and exhaustive classification of hotel groups and hotel chains.

- The World report on Hotel activities, with the commented evolution of the global hotel park, analysis of global hotel group activities, the ranking of the top 150 groups and 200 leading international brands.


Hospitality-ON® Magazine and are privileged partners of events organized each year by MKG Group:

The Worldwide Hospitality Awards, which distinguished over the last 14 years the most exemplary and innovative initiatives in the hotel industry worldwide in terms of communications, marketing, sustainable development, human resources or concepts ...

The Global Lodging Forum, a think tank bringing together leading experts and professionals to plan for the future of the industry by analyzing the road they have already undertaken.

- Tourinvest, 1st Forum of Tourist Investment in France


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